o3.o1.2o18 • Colonia del Sacramento

yesterday we arrived in the 7th country of our south america trip – in Uruguay or in more detail in `Colonia del Sacramento´ a small village at the coast near the river delta of `Rio Uruguay´. we took the ferry over the south atlantic to get there from `Buenos Aires´ and finally entered the uruguayan land in the afternoon. although `Colonia del Sacramento´ is a very touristic place because a lot of Argentines come here to escape from the big city for some days it’s still a wonderful spot to walk around on the promenade or to walk down the beautiful parkways, to eat some good fish in one of the fancy (and expensive) restaurants or just to relax in the romantic parks. it’s a calm area where sun wind and salty seawater form the everyday life – a perfect place to get back to yourself and to dream a bit. one of our highlights here were the sunsets in the evening. everyone came to the coast to see the spectacular red, orange and yellow colored sky while sitting under a palmtree and drinking some red wine .. sounds good right ? but there’s also another option to get a view over city and sea: the lighthouse. when you manage it to get up all the stairs to the top you will be rewarded with a fantastic view – especially in the evening !!

o8.o1.2o18 • Montevideo

one of the most popular destinations for traveller is the capital of Uruguay: `Montevideo´ – a big city with beach flair, history and art and beautiful sunsets !! so no surprise we had to visit this place before leaving Uruguay – a good choice. on our first afternoon right after our arrival we took a walk through the tropical park – an area where a lot of people meet to have a picnic together or just to relax in the shadow of the palmtrees or next to the small lake in the middle. next to this refreshing place the `Museo de Artes visuales‘ is waiting for some interested visitors – our turn !! in the evening when the sun goes down everyone is going to the beach to watch the sunset or to rollerskate along the promenade. all the people seem to be relaxed or on drugs the whole day – no wonder: since 2o13 Marihuana is totally certified in Uruguay (for indigenous people only) and you can even buy it in the pharmacy !! well that explains a lot :)) anyway we had a great time in `Montevideo´ and would recommend it to other packpackers, too. because of our plan to visit Paraguay before going to Brasil we had to go back to Argentina for a few days .. bustours only !! from Monte we went further to `Salto´ up in the north and crossed the border to `Concordia´ where we spend a great day in an nice airbnb with a big garden and some dogs and cats .. calming down a bit. today we went further to `Posadas´ – one of the northern cities of Argentina where we passed the border to Paraguay – finally !!