19.o9.2o19 • Stockholm

guess who is in the top 1o ranking of the world’s most coffee consuming nations ?! yes it’s sweden together with almost all the other nordic countries :)) according to that it might not surprise you that there are coffee shops all over in `Stockholm´ the capital city of sweden !! of course i didn’t have enough time to check out all of them but i would love to tell you more about my top 3 coffee place recommendations: normally i am not that into chains of any kind but `Stockholm´ made me change my view. `Espresso House´ as well as `Bröd & Salt´ belong to a scandinavic chain of coffee brew houses & are probably the most popular coffee spots in whole sweden & they are so very good !! still my all time fav spot for `having a fika´ which means `having a coffee break´ is the pastry chain called `Fabrique´. they have delicious coffee & probably the best cinnamon rolls alias `Kanelbullar´ i’ve ever had in my life & that means quite a lot :)) ok enough about coffee or i am going to order another double shot espresso right now !! `Stockholm´ is one beautiful city :)) in the 5 days i got to spend here i went to see a different part or better a totally different face of `Stockholm´ every day. i walked over a lot of bridges visited quite a few museums & fell asleep on many sunny benches at the harbour side & just couldn’t get enough of it. not of sleeping on benches of course but of getting to know this city more & more with every step i took :)) in & around `Stockholm´ there are so many islands boats & obviously water all over !! this city feels so spacious but still so cowzy .. big without being intimidating .. full of things to do & see without being too much .. it’s just a perfect mix. once again i stayed in the `Generator Hostel´ near the central station & right in the city center. from there i started my city tour every morning. coffee first exploring the city second .. you have to set priorities right ?! on my very first day i went straight to one of the main islands of `Stockholm´ called `Skeppsholmen´ where i visited the famous `Moderna Museet´. afterwards i went further to get to the castle of `Stockholm´ which is located on an upstream island & located on a little hill from where you have an amazing view all over the city & the popular theme park called `Gröna Lund´. just in case you are interested: up on this little hill there is a very nice & cowzy bench & a very good spot to fall asleep while feeling the wind & the sun on your face .. not that i’ve done that :)) also `Stockholm´ is a very green city full of parks trees & flowers !! i really loved the so named `Kungsträdgarden´ in the city center where there are a lot of benches haha no but a lot of places to play chess .. cool isn’t it ?! i went there almost every evening either to play with someone or to watch some of the old men battling against each other. my personal evaluation: the older the better :)) on tuesday i went way `Östermalm´ in the eastern part of the city where i had a look at the `Histriska Museet´. then i crossed over to the dark side again alias to another island where i took a long promenade along the beautiful `Galärparken´ right next to the harbour. all the colorful boats one after the other .. the bright sun shining on my face .. the cold wind almost blowing me away .. what autumn in sweden looks like :)) that day i also visited the famous `Nordiska Museet´ (free entry on tuesday from 1 to 5 pm) which contained various exhibitions about design architecture & photography but also about the change of fashion over the years & what people once wore all voluntarily haha !! yesterday i finally went to `Gamla Stan´ the old city center of `Stockholm´ & the best place to find japanese tourists .. not that i was searching for them but still: i found them :)) a lot of cute shops waffle houses & hidden juice bars all covered with swedish flags & signs saying `romantic boat tour only 1ooo crowns per hour´ .. well i didn’t do it but only because i am not into romantic boat tours on my own. all in one: `Gamla Stan´ is one very pretty neighbourhood but also very crowded unfortunately. probably just as crowded as the shopping street named `Drottninggatan´ where i am sitting right now & writing my blog :)) but it is a good spot to watch all the people passing by & i just love doing that. so today is my very last day in `Stockholm´ already !! i can’t believe how fast time flies when you are busy :)) but there is another highlight coming my way this evening & i am already very excited about it !! the musician `Jon Bellion´ is going to play live in `Stockholm´ & i can’t wait to finally see & hear him in person !! of course i’ll keep you posted .. just check out the stories on my instagram account called `doro.thea.marie´ .. thanks for reading :))

Fabrique: probably the best place to have fika alias coffee & `Kanelbullar´ !!