o8.o9.2o18 • Georgetown

after two more days in `Ao Nang´ a small town next to `Krabi´ on the west coast of Thailand we finally made our way to the next country: Malaysia !! however it took us a whole day to get to `Penang Island´ .. our first stop in Malaysia .. let me tell you about that crazy trip: we started our journey in `Ao Nang´ at 7:oo am in the morning when we took a TukTuk from our hostel to the bus station of `Krabi´. there we bought our bus ticket, had breakfast & wasted all our money that we had left from Thailand at `7 eleven´ .. the supermarket chain spread out in whole south east asia & the best way to get snacks and drinks for a long bus ride :)) then we drove about 5 hours to `Hat Yai´ where we had to switch to a mini van that took us to the malay border. the border controls went quite fast & so we stepped over to Malaysia at about o4:oo pm. luckily there is a train station right at the border so we had no problem to find any further transport. it took us another two hours by train to get to `Butterworth´ .. the city at the west coast of Malaysia right in front of `Penang Island´. almost there !! but we still had to get over to the island .. so we took a shuttle transfer to the harbour of `Butterworth´ where we took a ferry to `Georgetown´ .. the capital of `Penang´. when we finally arrived on the island it was already dark but luckily we just had to make some further steps to our hostel !! what a day !! the next morning started pretty rainy & cloudy .. a good requirement for a chiller day :)) so after our breakfast in the `Frame Guesthouse´ we walked about half a street before sitting in the next cowzy café: `The Bean Sprout´. we spent hours there drinking iced coffee, enjoying the calm atmosphere, listening to the rain outside & tasting the delicious avocado salad (you have to try it!!). in the afternoon we walked around the city, visited the `Street Art Street´ & got to know the malay way of life. when it got dark we went into `Little India´ .. a small part of the town which is shaped by muslim culture & indian cuisine. so if you like spicy food & the taste of curry you should have dinner at the `Kapitan´ .. a big canteen which offers absolutely authentic & super tasty indian food for 1 to 2 $ per dish .. crazy !! a place where both tourists & locals go to enjoy the evening. by the way whole `Georgetown´ is full of fancy cafés, bars & restaurants but actually the malay street food culture here is said to be the best one in Malaysia. but where to street eat ? maybe at the `Camion Street Food Truck´ which offers delicious take away bowls filled with quinoa, vegetables, cheese, fried chicken & other good stuff !! welcome to `Georgetown´ .. a food & coffee lovers paradise !!

12.o9.2o18 • Kuala Lumpur

finally arrived in the capital of Malaysia .. `Kuala Lumpur´. this multicultural city represents a meeting place for muslims, buddhists & hindu people & seems to be one of the highest developed cities in south east asia. more than 6 metro routes lead through `Kuala Lumpur´ .. some of them in the underground others above the rooftops of the city .. amazing !! after arriving in our airbnb (the best way to find a good place to sleep in a big city like KL) we visited the `Alor Street Food Night Market´ to get something good to eat. one street further we bumped into the Highlife of KL .. bars & clubs everywhere !! the best place to have the one or other Gin Tonic .. especially when it`s ladies night .. otherwise the drinks might be pretty expensive .. watch out !! the next day started with an amazing breakfast at `A • Toast & Juice Bar´ & my own planned city sightseeing tour .. haha :)) first stop: the `KLCC´ or better `Kuala Lumpur City Center´ where the famous `Patronas Twin Towers´ are located. with about 45o hm the Towers once counted as the highest building of the world & although its height has been beaten for a long time it is still super impressive !! another striking top in the skyline of `Kuala Lumpur´ is the `Menara Tower´ right next to the `Eco Forest Park´ in the middle of the city. here we made our way through the urban jungle on various suspension bridges while having a marvellous view all over the city .. a great experience & totally free !! in the evening we walked further through KL downtown, admired the colorful street art & made our way back to our fancy home called `D`Majestic Place´ after visiting the delicious night market again !! the next day i actually wanted to visit the `Ilham Gallery´ but as it was `Muslim New Year´ that day it was closed .. going to see it next time :)) anyway there is always enough to see in `Kuala Lumpur´ .. for example the `Masjid Jamek Mosque´. before entering we had to dress up with huge red capes which looked so funny .. but religion is religion & the mosque was really beautiful !! the rest of the day was pretty rainy .. perfect time to spend some time in one of the vast shopping malls of KL !! on our last evening we watched the colorful water games in the `Kuala Lumpur City Park´ which take place every evening at 7:3o pm. watching the sparkling fountains Right next to the huge illuminated Twin Towers was Kind of  perfect way to say `bye bye´ or better `selamat tinggal´ to beautiful `Kuala Lumpur´.

15.o9.2o18 • Melaka

already arrived at our last stop on our journey through Malaysia: `Melaka´ .. a small town on the western coast known for its high occurrence of mineral oil. here we stopped for two more days to make further travel plans & to get some things done. after washing our clothes we started to explore `Melaka´ by bike & visited the little fort on top of the hill right next to the city center. we cruised around the streets of Little India, had lunch on the Street Market together with locals & enjoyed various Vanilla or Hazelnut Láttes in a fancy coffeeshop. we spent hours in the `Stolen Cup Café´ where we planned our further travel route, booked our accomodations for the next week & checked out the best places for watching the Formula 1 Race in `Singapore´ which will take place tomorrow evening !! all in all we had a very relaxing time in `Melaka´ which i really appreciated. it is important to have some chill out & calm down days when travelling around for several months & changing locations every two to three days !! nevertheless time went so fast & now we are already on our way to `Singapore´ where we will arrive today afternoon .. i`m so excited about this city & can`t wait to get there soon !!