18.o9.2o18 • Singapore

Singapore .. the most spectacular city i have ever seen !! we arrived in the city center after a seven hour bus drive & one hour of border control at the border between Malaysia & Singapore. then we had to walk 3o more minutes to the `Footprints Hostel´. as Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world we had to choose a comparatively cheap accomodation. nevertheless our hostel was located super central in the district of `Little India´ & perfect for us to explore the city (mostly) by feet !! in our first evening we walked through the busy streets of `Little India´ visited a special `Indian Culture´ exhibition & ate some super spicy curry noodles in a Food Court .. yummy !! when it got dark we made our way towards downtown to watch the `Laser Light Show´ at the famous `Marina Bay Sands Hotel´. wow .. all the lights & buildings !! the view all over the `Marina Bay´ & the stunning skyline of Singapore was just breathtaking !! we had a wonderful first evening in the downtown of Singapore & thought it could not get any better. but the best is yet to come .. let me tell you about our next two days in Singapore city !!

our 1st day: after a quick breakfast in the hostel our first stop was the `National Gallery Singapore´. if you want to see all of this huge gallery you would have to stay here for two whole days. we decided to stay here for `just´ half a day & tried to see as much as we could in this time. a part of the exhibition even is exposed on the `Roof Garden´ on top of the gallery building from where you have a fantastic view all over the city !! furthermore there is a cupola located inside the building used as a library hall .. amazing !! so if you are interested in art & history this is your place to go :)) after a short coffee break we continued our way for the first time by metro. the underground system of Singapore is very good organized & not that expensive at all !! at `Bayfront´ station we left the underground through a huge mall where a small river with several boats was guiding through .. say whaat ?! we walked along the promenade right beside the imposing `Marina Bay Sands Hotel´ which looks like a huge boat running into the harbour of Singapore. we crossed the famous `Helix Bridge´ visited the `Art Science Center´ .. which is located in a super fancy white building looking like a huge flower surrounded by a water basin full of violett flowers .. & enjoyed the amazing view !! each day thousands of people are spending their afternoon at the `Singapore Bay Promenade´ .. eating, drinking, laughing & enjoying the city vibes .. such a special place .. the meeting point of the whole city !! at about 5 pm we went back to our hostel to have a short siesta & to take some time out from the sticky air outside. one hour later we`ve already been back on the street searching for the perfect place to watch the `Formula 1´ race in the evening. we came here without knowing anything about that race which takes place in Singapore once in a year .. crazy we decided to visit Singapore excactly at that day !! we finally found a good spot at the `Marina Square´ & watched the race together with thousands of other curious people. a fantastic atmosphere full of tension & excitement & even if i am not a big `Formula 1´ fan i really enjoyed it !! later that evening on our way back home we strolled through the colorful streets of `Little India´ .. live bands, dancing people & good vibes all around. another perfect day in paradise !!

our 2nd day: after a morning coffee & some toasts to go we walked through the `Fort Canning Park´ towards downtown. there we visited the bank district with all its huge skyscrapers, yard clubs & shopping malls. by the way did you know Singapore has all kinds of self service automats ? there is an freshly squeezed orange juice maker, an mobile phone recharger rental station, a instagram picture to polaroid printer & even more !! Singapore is one of the highest developed states/cities in the world .. not that easy to find a city on european standards in south east asia. we walked further and made a short detour through `Chinatown´ visited the `National Museum of Singapore´ & enjoyed another super sunny & hot day in Singapore. in the afternoon we drove to the `Bayfront´ station once again to visit the famous `Gardens by the Bay´. the huge `Supertree Grove´ in the middle of the vast park areal are the main attraction for tourists & inhabitants & are free to visit for everyone !! when we finally stood next to those trees everything seemed so unreal & almost surreal. plants & trees all around, the afternoon sun shining through the leafs & right in front to you this `Avatar´ location as i would describe it. a place to just stand & stare .. a masterpiece of architecture & design !! we could have stood here for hours if we hadn`t got hungry at some point. so we went back to the `Marina Bay Promenade´ & bought a dinner to go .. sushi, curry rice & tonic water. we made a little picknick at the beautiful promenade & watched the sun go down behind the skyline of Singapore .. couldn`t have been better !! when it finally turned dark we watched the amazing light show at the `Gardens by the Bay´. the trees were shining bright in various colors .. glittering & sparkling .. accompanied by a music arrangement in the background. simply fantastic !! a MUST see when visiting Singapore !! after this amazing show we actually wanted to return to our hostel because it was quite late & we were both pretty tired. but when we left the `Gardens by the Bay´ through the `Marina Bay Mall´ & stepped out on the `Marina Bay Promenade´ once again .. we got overwhelmed !! the whole bay was adorned by fauntains in differents of colors moving in the rythm of another music arrangement. tousands of people were sitting on the promenade watching & listening to the spectacle in front of their eyes. with the illuminated skyscrapers in the background the stars above & my love beside me everything seemed to be perfect & i still can`t believe what this city has done to amaze me that much !!

here you can see the famous `Gardens by the Bay´ once again by day & by night !!