13.o9.2o17 • Cartagena de Indias

yesterday we arrived in `Cartagena de Indias´ after almost 17 hours up in the sky. so we were so glad to finally check in our hostel in the center of the beautiful historic city. people walking around, laughing, a wonderful sunset and a cold shower made as coming back to reality at about 24:00 in german time. anyway the next day (today) we were back again with full power and enthusiasm. after a really yummy breakfast (with the best maracuja juice ever) we started our walkaround in the city. the tiny streets are like so so cute, colorful and lively .. i just couldn’t srop watching all the time (and taking photos of course). we also visited the `Castillo de Cartagena´ an old castle on a hill right behind the center district called `Getsemaní´. up there we had such a good view over the whole city and the coast after we almost suffered from a collapse because of the climate (the fuckin‘ heat). we had a wonderful afternoon wondering around the city, watching people (or better: people watching us) and just enjoying the new lifestyle here – just feeling the freedom.
and now i’m just sitting at the balcony of our hostal drinking some Corona with my boyfriend, making plans for tomorrow and editing photos (and actually writing some news in my blog).
what a wonderful first day of our trip on the way out nowhere.

15.o9.2o17 • Taganga

yesterdays island tour was great !! we’ve been to the `Islas de Rosario´ and to the beautiful palm beach called ‚Playa Blanca‘. the carribean sea is just like wow, cyan water, white sand and piña colada of course !! although it has been an exhausting but great boat tour we had enough power to take the bus to `Santa Marta´ the same evening. trust me that’s not such a good idea – 4 hours of sitting around with sand in your ass and salty hair .. naa. anyway we got it to the shower at about 11 pm. today we continued our trip towards the `Tayrona National Park´ and found a fancy hostal in `Taganga´ – a small city in a laguna bay named ‚Casa di Felipe‘ .. i really have to recommend it !! near there are a lot of restaurants and bars .. so you can buy at least three bottles of water for the night (it will be a hot night .. i’m serious .. hot because of the heat). when the sun went down we found a very romantic place up on a hill – best view over the bay !! tomorrow we’ll keep moving – i’ll keep you posted.

19.o9.2o17 • Tayrona National Park

a few days ago we’ve been to the exotic `Tayrona National Park´ just one hour away from the cute city `Taganga´ where we spent two nights. at about 8:oo am a bus took us to the entrance in `El Zaíno´ where you have to get off for paying the dues for the park. the ride in the small bus for at most 7 people was quite fun – first we’ve been 8 persons and second we heard 90’s hits all the way – yeah !! then we took another mini bus till a parking place already inside the green jungle and finally got started. there are three spots on the around 3h walk: `Arrecife´ – a camping place where we rested a bit (you mustn’t underrate the heat and the humidity there). `La Piscina´ – a dreamlike beach with palms, a small restaurant and deep blue water !! and last but not least `El Cabo´ – our camping place for the night and a travellers paradise all over !! `El Cabo´ is a small bay surrounded by palm trees, crystal clear water  and a sweet bamboo hut as viewpoint where you can also sleep in hammocks. We stayed in the tented camp and at first got into the water .. oh god it’s paradise on earth really !! in the evening everyone met up in the sole restaurant there right beside the beach and enjoyed. then we actually thought of getting some sleep but wrong .. it was so so unbelievably hot in the tents so most of the guys kept drinking beer at the beach far into the night .. just like us. watching the stars above and listen to one wave after another made me feel like i were on another planet.
the next day after a night full of no-sleep we just relaxed at the beach after breakfast. after hours of breathing in paradise we had to go back by boat at about 3:00 pm. OmG it was the most exciting boat trip i ever had .. after about 30 sec of driving the first two ladies had to go back to land because of the huge waves out on the sea. then we drove about one hour back to `Taganga´ and arriving there almost everyone was wet all over !! so we were just so lucky to get back in our hostal and having a warm shower. anyway Tayrona is a place you have to go .. it’s amazing !!

28.o9.2o17 • Medellín

so we went further to `Medellín´ a really big city where we spent a few days to calm a bit down. there we visited the `Parque Arví´ up on the hills above and got to know a lot about our universe in the ‚Planetario de Medellín‘ which is a must see !! our next stop was `Manizales´ a quite cool city in the middle of the Andes mountains where we found the best hostal on our trip so far – the `Golden Frog Mountain Hostal´ – it’s so cowzy there, they’ve huge beds, a kitchen, hammocks, a terasse .. all you need after an exhausting day in a bus. in Manizales we spent two unforgettable days. first we visited the coffee farm Guayabal in Chinchina – a very familiar and beautiful hacienda in the middle of nowhere. we learned almost everything about Juan Valdez and the colombian coffee and even picked coffeee beans by ourselves (and tried different types of coffee of course) and i’ve to say: it was a very tasty tour – we loved it !! the next day we had to get up at 4 am in the morning for getting up to national parc of vulcanos – the ‚Nevado de Santa Isabel‘. after breakfast in a small hut up in about 4000 hm we started our guided tour up to the glacier of `Santa Isabel´. the nature up there was amazing !! after about 4 hours of walking we got lunch (un pequeno almuerzo) to warm up a bit .. and even if we were completely disturbed afterwards it was an amazing mountain tour !! yesterday we got to know `Calí´ – our next point on the map and an important stop on our way to Ecuador where we will go tomorrow. the next country is waiting !!