o6.1o.2o17 • Quito

yes i’m still alive !! after one day in the beautiful old town of `Quito´ we went to `Lago Agrio´ – a city in the middle of the jungle. there our four day jungle tour into the wilderness started. we watched birds in all colors, snakes, monkeys and even pink dolphins which are living in the the Amazonas rivers. that’s why we spend our nights in the so named ‚Pink Dolphin Lodge‘ with three other guys who were pretty cool !! during the day we walked through the jungle, got luckily not bitten by a poisonous spider and paddled through the Amazonas lagoons. in the evening we watched the sun set from the boat and relaxed in the hammocks – it was amazing !! on our third day we even visited an indigene village in the middle of the rain forest, we cooked Yuka bread together with them and also visited the Shaman there. it was such a new view into how people actually live in other parts of the world. after four days we got back into civilization and spent another night in the `Blue Youth House Hostal´ in `Quito´. today we moved on to `Latacunga´ from where we will start our `Quilotoa-Loop´ tour – a three day hiking trip through the highlands of Ecuador !!

o9.1o.2o17 • Quilotoa Loop

so we finally did the `Quilotoa-Loop´ and it was one of the best things we did on our trip so far !! we started in `Sigchos´ – a small city hidden somewhere in the highlands and surrounded by mountains of all heights. we followed a small path down hills crossed bridges and enjoyed the view till we noticed according to our GPS we were everything but not on the right way. luckily we met a group of travelers also on the way to `Isinlivi´ – our finish for today – and together we found the right path. even if we had to go all the way up on a mountain again it was a pretty cool hike. anyway we were so happy when we arrived at our hostel !! on our second hiking day we went to `Chugchilan´ which is about 3100 m high .. it was the most exhausting part of our hike – it was just violence bringing me to the hostel up there and the promise of a warm and good dinner of course. surprised by a heavy storm we reached the `Cloud Forest Hostel´ soaking wet and at the end of power. but meal shower and sleep (till 5 am) brought us back to life. on our third and last day we got to the small town `Quilotoa´ by a guy who took us with him in his car. lucky us !! we watched the sun rising above the vulcano crater called `Quilotoa-Loop´ and had breakfast at a sunny but still fucking cold place there – the view was so awesome !! we even saw `Cotopaxi´ one of the highest active vulcanos in south america. it was an amazing tour and i would recommend doing this to everyone who will get around here !!