25.11.2o17 • La Paz

welcome to Bolivia !! over `Puno´ – the last big city of Peru right beside the `Titicaca´ lake – we got over the border and moved just a few minutes further until we reached the small lake city `Copacabana´. from there we took a ferry to the beautiful `Isla del Sol´ just one hour away from the mainland. the island is the acme of paradise: flowers everywhere, old buildings of the Inka culture around the hills, lots of sweet budget hostels and a great view over the coast of Peru and Bolivia. we stayed there one night and got to see one of the most amazing sunsets we’ve ever seen. the bright shining new moon and some lost alpacas made the atmosphere perfect. back to `Copacabana´ the next day we chilled out on a sunny terrace at the lake and moved on the next big city in the afternoon – `La Paz´. we came into this huge city full of dust and cement and first felt a bit lost between mountains and office blocks. but `La Paz´ is also a city full of surprises and secrets. after one night in the great hostal `Onkel Inn´ – where we even had the possibility to use the sauna on the rooftop – we got to know the city in all its colors !! we visited the whitches‘ market where they offer some curious things like alpaca fetus for Aymara rituals or other crazy things. we went on to the `mercado negro´ – a really huge market in the north of `La Paz´ where you can find EVERYTHING and even more. clothes, food, electronics and everything on bolivian niveau what means really cheap. so if you need something just tell me !!

29.11.2o17 • Coroico

from `La Paz´ we did a small side trip to the small village `Coroico´ which is located high up in the mountains and far away from big city noises even if it’s just two hours away from the biggest city of Bolivia. after travelling around for more than eleven weeks now – which was not just relaxing all the time – we went to `Coroico´ to chill out some days there. for this intention we found the absolute perfect hostal: `Sol y Luna´ – an old wonderful estate from about two ha with pools, forests, one small but really good restaurant and beautiful nature everywhere. there is nothing more relaxing than reading a captivating book while listening to the rain outside and knowing there’s no place you’d rather be in this moment. but after three days of smelling some country air and enjoying the beauty of `Coroico´ we had to got back to `La Paz´ just to move on further to `Sucre´ – the official capital of Bolivia even if `La Paz´ is much bigger – the same day. and here we are in this moment .. in the middle of the white city where sun is shining almost every day.

o6.12.2o17 • Salar de Uyuni

let me tell you about the last few days we spend in the desert of the `Salar de Uyuni´ – a salt flat in the south of Bolivia. our tour started in the small town `Uyuni´ which is actually already a part of the desert (wind sun and sand everywhere). after visiting the old train cementary we arrived at a small village where we had lunch and bought some local things at the market there. then we made our way to the huge salt desert – a wide white area without any plants or animals – just salt – everywhere !! i’ve never seen something like this – it felt like snow but we got great warm weather – just unbelievable !! about 30 minutes later we got to see another crazy thing: a totally natural island with thousands of cacti on it – in the middle of salt – how ?! awesome. the night we spend in a salt hostel together with some other guys from Mexico and Brasil which was quite fun !! the next day we got more and more to the sandy part of the huge desert, we visited various lagunes where flamingos are living, big stone buildings formed by the wind and semi active vulcanos. the `Salar de Uyuni´ recovers such a lot of amazing nature – and this right beside the driest desert of the earth !! in the afternoon we reached the entrance of the national parc where we got to see the most spectacular lagune with more than 5 colors and more than 500 flamingos inside of it – `La Laguna Colorada´. the following night got ice cold because we slept in a really old hut in the middle of the desert – but with some wine for dinner and a great group we all got through .. till 4 am in the morning – this was the time we had to get up – yeah !! right when the sun got up we reached the geysers of Uyuni – some sulfur fountains which steamed up into the air – a hyper natural spectacle !! for warming up ourselves we got to the hot springs right in a lagune not far away – this was a wonderful experience (especially when you’re half frostbitten) !! our beautiful and really exciting tour ended at the border to Chile where we took the bus to `San Pedro de Atacama´ where the next desert activities are waiting for us – what a trip !!