21.o8.2o18 • vietnam food guide

good food is good mood .. and especially in Vietnam there is a lot of really good food .. you just have to find it !! out here i`ve been to so many good restaurants, cafés & bars .. so i thought `why shouldn`t i tell you about my experiences´ :)) in Vietnam it is common for the natives to eat in of the street snack bars where they offer any kind of noodles, fried rice & various soups. so if you are looking for a cheap but saturating lunch this is the way to go. furthermore you can get fresh tropical fruits almost everywhere on the street. they offer jackfruits, durians, passionfruits, rambutons, dragonfruits & much more exotic stuff !! but if you want to get to know the typical vietnamese food in a cowzy café or a fancy styled bar it is not that easy to find the right address at first try. so here are my fav places for good food in 4 vietnamese cities .. i hope you are not hungry while you`re reading this !!
1. Ho Chi Minh: if you are looking for a good breakfast the `M2C plus´ café is your perfect start into the morning. with the slogan `modern meets culture´ this stylish coffee shop is a popular meeting point for everyone who loves to drink coffee. the breakfast & lunch menus (including a very good & saturating meal & a drink of your choice) are unbeatable in taste & price !! furthermore the staff is super friendly & attaches a great importance to an enjoyable & comfy atmosphere. and the best: it is located in the center of the city so you can easily find & reach it by public transport.
another place you have to visit in `Ho Chi Minh´ is the `Secret Garden Restaurant´ which is quite hidden in one of the small streets around the city center (as the name already says) but if you are hungry you will find it for sure :)) the restaurant offers a beautiful roof terrace with a great view all over the city & is known for its authentic vietnamese food on highest level. you want to try the typical asian dishes .. you will get them here .. in best quality. even though it is a bit more expensive than other lunch spots the price-performance ratio is top-notch !!
2. Nha Trang: in the beach capital of Vietnam we found two super cool restaurants which convinced us at first sight: the `Alpaca Homestyle Cafe´ offers an amazing continental breakfast with eggs (sunny side up) cheese olives humus ham .. everything you want !! also the coffee is very good & the whole restaurant is styled super fancy & cowzy .. so just take a break here & relax.
our second discovery is called the `Rainforest´ & looks like a huge wooden tree house. you can choose between sitting down on swings or lying down in a hammock while sipping on your drink. in the middle of plants & little waterfalls you get to feel the atmosphere of a rainforest indeed !! the restaurant offers creative & good food yummy lunch bowls & cold drinks. i can just recommend trying the matcha pancakes with fresh fruits & chocolate sauce .. they`re amazing !!
3. Dong Hoi: in this actually pretty inconspicuous city i found my absolute fav restaurant in Vietnam – the `Tree Hugger Café´. it is not only the best place to get super tasty fresh veggie & vegan food but also a souvenir store which offers fair & handmade stuff like cotton bags, plam leaf hats, clothes or wooden cutlery & you can change books here !! the atmosphere in this small café with two floors & a tiny balcony is so very special calm & comfi .. a place you would take even 4 of these damn good gin tonics just with the intentionin not having to leave anymore :)) the `Tree Hugger´ menus like the salad bowl or the rice plate are absolutely recommendable & the drinks are so so good .. the perfect evening location !!
another good place to take a break is the recently opened bakery & café `Atena´ .. they have the best donuts ever for just 8ooo vnd (3o cents) .. this alone is reason enough to pay a visit, right ?!
4. Ha Noi: the capital of Vietnam offers a lot of culinaric options .. here is my fav one: satay chicken wraps filled with quinoa & vegetables at `Hanoi Social Club´.. a fancy styled restaurant in the middle of the beautiful old quater of `Ha Noi´. it offers super scrumptious food & drinks & another highlight: live music every tuesday evening !! absolutely worth a visit :))
for an afternoon coffee break the `Xofa Café & Bistro´ is a good choice as well .. you should try the coconut macchiato !! in both of the just mentionned restaurants you have the possibility to exchange your already read books with new ones .. yeah !!
hope you enjoyed reading through & maybe you can make use of my recommendations when visiting Vietnam.