18.o2.2o19 • easy travel recipes

„the quick quiche“

got this actual french recipe from my first work away hosts from maryborough
it is kind of a savory cake made of eggs flour & veggies .. super easy & super tasty !!
especially for travellers the perfect dinner plus tastes even better on the next day

what you need:
• 5 eggs
• 150 g selfraising flour
(or normal flour plus one small spoon of baking powder)
• 400 g zucchinis
• 2 big tomatoes
• 1 onion
(you can add any other veggies as well)
• 50 g butter or oil
• some cheese
(everything tastes better with cheese, right ?!)
• salt & pepper

how you do it:
• mix the eggs
• strain the flour & add it to the eggs
• cut the veggies & add them as well
• add some salt & pepper & mix it all up
• cover it with some cheese & butter or oil
• bake it for about 30 min with 170°C
(don’t forget to use a fireproof baking pan)
• let it cool down for a bit
• serve with some salad or enjoy it plain !!

„the perfect english scones“

thanks to rachel for showing me how to make the perfect english scones !!
better be prepared for getting addicted to this damn good dessert :))

what you need:
• 80 g butter (soft)
• 350 g selfraising flour
(or normal flour plus 1 small spoon of baking powder)
• save some extra flour for later !!
• 250 ml milk
• 1 egg

how you do it:
• mix flour & butter with cold hands
(until the mixture gets crumbly)
• make a hole in the center
• fill it up with milk
• mix it all up with a knife
• roll out the dough on a floured surface
(don’t roll it too thin .. should still be about 10 mm high)
• cut out round pieces with a wine glass
(try not to touch the edges too much)
• put them on a oild sheet
• coat them with egg yolk
(once again not the edges)
• bake them for more or less 10 min with 170°C
• cut them in half & enjoy them with strawberry jam & whipped cream
(add some fresh strawberries as well .. there you go)

„the low carb tuna pizza“

pizza is always a good idea, isn’t it ?!
so here you go: the probably easiest & healthiest pizza recipe !!
no worries .. it still tastes really good & unhealthy :))

what you need:
• 2 tins of tuna
• 2 cans of cream cheese
(i would recommend using the grainy one)
• 4 eggs
• salt & pepper
• pizza topping

how you do it:
• mix tuna cream cheese & eggs
• add some salt & pepper
• spread the dough thinly on an oiled baking pan
• bake the pizza base for about 20 min with 200°C
• add the toppings & bake for 10 more min
(don’t add too much cheese .. the tuna will make the pizza pretty salty already)
• enjoy the pizza baby !!

„the fluffiest choco chips pancakes“

my first day on the gold coast & i fell in love with these pancakes !!
thanks to rhiannon for showing me this awesome pancake recipe :))

what you need:
• 350 g selfraising flour
(or normal flour plus 1 small spoon of baking powder)
• 1 egg
• some vanilla extract
• some milk
• chocolate chips
(just hack up a chocolate bar or use m&m’s)

how you do it:
• mix the egg with flour
• add vanilla extract & some milk
(the dough should still be thick .. so don’t use too much milk)
• add the chocolate chips & mix it all up
• use one dipper of dough for one pancake
• bake them in an oiled pan for about 1 min on each side
• enjoy warm with some marple syrup
(i know .. not healthy at all .. but just too good)

„the west african peanut soup“

who else loves peanut butter as much as i do ?!
my host in the blue mountains prepared this soup on my first eve & i loved it
actually a recipe from west africa but with a special aussie taste touch :))

what you need:
• 1 liter vegetable broth
• 1 onion
• 1 bunch of greens
(collard kale or whatever)
• 1 cup creamy & unsalted peanut butter
 100 g tomato paste or hot tomato sauce
• some ginger chili & garlic
• some chopped peanuts for garnish

how you do it:
• boil the vegetable broth in a big pot
• add onion ginger chili garlic & a little bit of salt
• cook the soup on medium low for about 20 min
• mix peanut butter & tomato paste together
(add a little bit of the vegetable broth .. this makes it easier)

• add the mixture as well as the greens to the soup
• simmer it on medium low for about 15 more min
• serve it as a hot soup & add some brown rice if you’d like
(top it with some chopped peanuts & enjoy !!)


„the impossible pie“

two things you HAVE to try when visiting down under: sweet pies & salty pies !!
i already ate a lot of different pies & every single one was so delicious :))
however homemade food always tastes the best, right ?!

what you need:
• 50 g plain flour
• 4 eggs
• 200 g coconut flakes
• 125 g butter (soft)
• 500 ml milk
 some vanilla extract
(this is the sweet pie version !!)

how you do it:
• preheat oven to 160°C
• simply mix all the ingredients together
• stir it up until you get a smooth mixture
• pour it into a greased pie dish
• bake it in the oven for about 30 min
• serve it warm or cold with vanilla ice cream

„the thai curry bowl“

one of my all day fav dishes .. easy quick & so tasty :))
i used to cook it at home several times but it’s also a perfect recipe for when travelling:

what you need:
• 1 can coconut milk
• various vegetables of your choice
(mushrooms, onions, peppers etc.)
• 1 package of tofu
• 1 can thickend cream
• some soja sauce
• cinnamon & curry

how you do it:
• wash & cut the veggies
• roast the veggies in a pan on highest level
• mix the veggis in a big pot & add soja sauce thickend cream & coconut milk
• roast the tofu together with some spices
• add the tofu to the veggie mixture & season it with cinnamon & curry
• boil it all together for 10 more min
• serve it with some brown rice & enjoy !!


„the coconut lime cake“

another recipe i got to know when working at a lime orchard in queensland
as they had loads of limes plus a workawayer (me) who loves coconut we baked this delicious cake !!
so if you need something sweet for a special occasion .. this is what you are looking for

what you need:
• 200 g selfraising flour
(or normal flour plus 1 small spoon of baking powder)
• 150 g sugar (plus some extra sugar)
• 100 g coconut flakes
• 150 g butter (soft)
• 3 eggs
• 150 g lime juice (freshly squeezed)
• some lime peel

how you do it:
• melt the butter & mix it with flour & sugar
• add the coconut flakes (keep some of them for later)
• mix it all up with eggs lime juice & lime peel
• fill the mixture into a fireproof baking pan & bake it for about 40 min with 200°C
(use baking paper otherwise you won’t be able to get the cake out of the pan agin)
• top the cake with a sprinkle of coconut flakes & bake it for 10 more min
• mix up the lime juice with some sugar
• prick the top of the cake with a fork & pour the lime syrup all over
(this makes it extra juicy & sweet .. just super good !!)


„the german all day bread“

sick of having toast for breakfast ?!
well .. i know it is hard to find some good wholemeal bread when travelling :))
the only solution: bake it by yourself .. it is super easy !!

what you need for two medium breads:
• 1 kg selfraising flour
(or normal flour plus 1 small spoon of baking powder)
• 1 yeast cube
• some sugar
• some salt
• some olive oil
• 6oo ml warm water
• anything you would like to add
(sesame or sunflower seeds, rolled oats, spices etc.)

how you do it:
• mix the yeast cube with the sugar & some warm water
• combine flour salt olive oil & the seeds of your choice in a big pot
• add the yeast mixture & knead it very well
• add the warm water bit by bit & knead until you get a good dough
• cover the dough in the pot & let it rest for a few hours 
• cut the dough in two pieces & put them on a floured baking plate
(cut in the dough on top & cover it with a little bit of flour)

• bake the breads for about 1 hour with 2oo°C
(dash them with some olive oil after about 30 min)


„the best oat’n’nut cookies“

i first tried these yummy cookies in bozen somewhere in the north of italy :))
my airbnb host made them & i fell straight on love with them !!
they are really easy to make & taste delicious .. even after weeks :))

what you need for ca. 3o cookies:
• 200 g butter (soft)
• 2oo g sugar
• some vanilla sugar
• some salt
• 1 egg
• 2oo g fine oat flakes
• 175 g chopped nuts
(almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts)
• 25 g selfraising flour
(or normal flour plus 1 small spoon of baking powder)

how you do it:
• preheat the oven to 200 °C
• mix butter sugar vanilla sugar salt & the egg until it’s smooth
add oat flakes chopped nuts & flour & mix it all up
• form the dough into small balls & put them on a greased baking pan
(use some extra flour to form them & keep enough distance between the balls)

• bake them for around 15 min until they are nice & golden
(enjoy them hot or cold .. they are delicious anyways)


„the italian flat bread“

this is a recipe from my lovely host antonella from melbourne !!
she is originally from italy so she showed me how to make this italian flat bread :))
i then baked it two days in a row because i loved it that much !!

what you need for ca. 20 small flat breads:
• 900 g plain flour
• 300 ml warm water
• 15 g dry yeast
• 15 g salt
• 15 g sugar
• lots of olive oil
• any herbs if you want to add some
(rosemary thyme or simply salt & pepper)

how you do it:
• mix flour yeast salt & sugar
• add water & olive oil bit by bit & mix it all up
• knead the dough really well until it isn’t sticky anymore
(give it a few minutes to sit in between the kneading)

• form the dough into small balls & roll out as many balls as you need
(use some extra olive oil to form them & roll until the dough is very thin)

• fry them in an oiled pan for a few min on each side
(if the dough is thin enough you will get some lovely air pockets)
• cover the rest of the dough balls & put them into the fridge
(don’t forget to take them out one hour before you want to fry them)
• eat the warm bread just like that or fill it with some cheese & veggies
(just enjoy & taste some italian flair lol)