hi my name is valerie & here is a little about myself:

first of all a few hard facts: i am 24 years old based in berlin and currently studying in paris. during the past few years i have been travelling quite a lot & i am planning to do keep on doing so. but as uni also takes a lot of time i have to set priorities & these are studying & trying to get my time management skills together at the moment :)) but still i am trying to post some new photos & blog posts here & then .. i will keep you posted !! also here is a little about what makes me happy: getting to know the planet we are all living on is one of my big 5 for life !! travelling with heart & soul, exploring countries i have never been to before, learning from different cultures, getting to know new people, making a bunch of new experiences & unforgettable memories all over the world .. all this means life to me. that’s why i’m gonna follow the sun !!

long story short: this is my website where i share most of my travel stories from all around the world but also several posts on other topics such as food guides music playlists movie recommendations & so on .. feel free to check out my small collection !! also follow me on instagram if you like or simply contact me via e mail .. i am more than happy to answer any of your questions :))