one week in montenegro • sea sun & mountains

ok so monti totally blew our mind !! highlight one: in the morning we left albania & crossed the border to montenegro from where we drove along a small winding road on the other side of `shkodra lake´. we stopped for some coffee at `macalov brijeg´ a sweet street café with quite a view. you can see all over `shkodra lake´ embedded in green mountains & little islans in between .. it honestly reminded me a little bit of vietnam !! all these blue & green colors in front of us the sun shining bright & us sipping hot coffee above all the stunning scenery: it was a little dream. highlight two: we drove on towards the north east of montenegro where we went hiking in the `durmitor nationalpark´. the mountains there are quite impressive & thus our hike wasn’t an easy one but i clearly remember standing there on top & feeling so overwhelmed by all the beauty surrounding me. it was an amazing experience & i can highly recommend the nationalpark for any gugys keen on hiking !! afterwards we went to eat pizza (with ketchup on top which probably is the way to eat pizza in monti & it was delicious) & then drove another few minutes to get to a small cabin in the woods we rent for that night to warm up a bit & relax from the exhausting hike. lucky us we didn’t camp because it was raining quite hard that night :)) highlight three: we moved on towards western montenegro & visited `niksic´ for a little stroll & as the weather would not get any better real soon we decided to go for another airbnb. turned out we found a super sweet cottage by the lake close to `niksic´ where we stayed for two nights just chilling strolling around & enjoying the view through our huge glass window towards the lake called `jezero krupac´. after checking out again we would then drive to the other side of the lake to check out a fish & chips restaurant a friend recommended to me. we had a delicious lunch at `k0d draskovica´ & randomly met some friends from germany there !! lol the world is just too small isn’t it :)) highlight four: one of the most impressive places in montenegro is told to be `the bay of kotor´ & yes it did quite impress us !! a deep blue bay with literally huge mountains around lots of habours on the seaside & even more white sailing boats floating through the water. kotor itself is a beautiful old city too & more than once we just walked through the town to drink some coffee. we also managed to climb up to the fort of kotor right above the city itself & were once again rewarded with an epic view. one day we even got invited to a boat trip through the bay by our german friends !! it was so much fun & swam ate & drank for almost the whole day. it was something a little bit different from the polo life we were used to haha. hightlight five: one of the best things while our time in `kotor´ though was our place to stay which was the `pachamama farmstay´ hidden in the mountains above the bay. it was a little piece of heaven up there: yoga every morning self cooked dinners every night hammocks all around in what looked like a little jungle & the cutest three-colored baby cat running around & forcing you to cuddle her. also the whole place was set up as a self sustainable & ecological way of camping with compost toilets rain water a big vegetable garden & volunteers to help running the whole concept .. it was such a great place to connect with others but also with your inner self to find peace & calm. we stayed there for three nights made some new friends got a lot of good tipps for our further travel route & really felt at home there. so for anyone roadtripping in montenegro: stop at `pachamama farmstay´ you will love it !!