13.11.2o18 • local food guide lisbon

in the few days i got to know `Lisbon´ i saw so many special places !! everyday i got surprised by another beautiful spot & i guess i could have stayed here much longer without having revealed all the secrets of this city. but there was one thing i was amazed about the most: the delicious food !! as you know i`m a food lover but `Lisbon´ topped all my expectations. that`s why i would like to share some of my fav places for good food with you .. here we go:
my breakfast & brunch recommendations: 1. Copenhagen Coffee Lab & Bakery: as the name already says it`s not a typical portugese bakery BUT you will get the best coffee of whole `Lisbon´ here !! people have to stand in line every morning to get some of the super tasty & freshly baked dainties. you can choose between hearty brekfast menus, loaded sandwiches or sweet stuff fresh out of the oven !! furthermore they offer various coffee creations, chai tea or cold brew coffee made out of original danish beans. my fav morning snack: cold brew latte & a warm cinnamon bun .. OmG those buns are heaven .. i swear !! by the way you can find this fancy café on 4 locations spread all over `Lisbon´ .. so what are you waiting for ?!
2. Zenith – Brunch & Cocktails:
this was my birthday brunch place & it was probably the best one i could have chosen. the whole café seems like an old factory building turned into a cowzy living room !! you can sit on couches or bar stools in the middle of what i would call an urban jungle .. a pretty happy place. but the best of all was still the food: they offer delicious pancakes & yoghurt bowls but also salty brekfasts with eggs, salmon, avocado & everything you would like to have !! furthermore they have great vanilla or caramel spiced latte .. a MUST try. i had the `Oreo Pancakes´ as my birthday cake compensation & i loved it !! so even if this place i located a bit oside of the city center i would deinitely recommend going there & enjoying their delicious food porn.
good lunch places in `Lisbon´ ?! .. here you are: 1. The Time Out Market: in this huge market hall you can find almost everything !! several food stands offer typical portugese seafood, cheese variations or big burgers with sweet potatoe fries. at around noon you get delicious lunch menus there which mostly contain a soup, a main dish, a dessert & one drink of your choice. you eat on long wooden tables in the middle of hundreds of other hungry people .. a great experience !! my special recommendation: the small bakery at the end of the hall offers the best `Pasteis de Nata´ you can get in `Lisbon´ for just 1 euro !! as the market is located near the harbour of the city i took a long walk along the promenade after having the time of my life in this food lovers paradise .. haha .. the perfect way to regenerate !!
2. Union Empanadas: just a small take away shop in the small streets of `Alfama´ but the perfect option for a snack at noon. you can choose between 5 to 7 different empanadas fillings like `cheese w/ spinach´ `tuna w/ onions´ or the original one with `ham & cheese´. they prepare the dough after an old original argentinean recipe & you can taste this special quality in every bite you take !! i tried empanadas in various countries so far & i can say: these ones were absolutely the best. so if you are searching for small but tasty snack to go .. this is your place to go !!
3. LX Factory:
this old factory building in the western part of `Lisbon´ was redesigned into an area full of fancy designer shops book stores & great eateries. you can get there by metro or bus & i would recommend you to plan enough time for the visit of `LX Factory´. i could have strolled through all the shops for hours !! sometimes they even offer special workshops or shows .. just check it out on the internet. my advice for you: go there at about noon .. then you can get some lunch menus for not a high price & there are not too much tourists around .. most of them go there in the afternoon !! a really nice place for having lunch & strolling through the streets .. just for some window shopping :))
last but not least .. my fav dinner places: 1. Ti`Ascencao:
i really love good & fresh fish .. but i never wanted to go in one of these touristic seafood restaurants in the city center. so lucky me i found this small restaurant just 2oo m away from my airbnb in `Graca´. as they have just a few super small tables you have to make a reservation or be there at 7 pm right when they open !! they don`t offer a lot .. just some homemade tapas, local wines & delicious seafood & fish. i ate there two times because it was so so good !! my recommendation: try the grilled octopus with potatoes & spinach .. pure taste explosion.
2. The Food Temple:
another super small restaurant .. but these ones are the best ones right ?! on their menu you can find exclusively plant based meals .. the perfect place for vegans but also for everyone who loves to try new things. they offer one soup three tapas & one main dish & a few desserts & change their menu everyday. everything is super fresh, tasty & homemade .. you can even watch them working in their small kitchen !! i had a great dinner there trying various tapas made out of seitan, red cabbage or quinoa .. ingredients you wouldn`t find somewhere else. i really loved these special tastes & i would definitely come back when i`m in `Lisbon´ once again !!

by the way you should definitely try this: portugese tapas with a small super bock !!