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2 weeks in italy • how our polo life started

better late than never i thought & finally started to write a tiny little recap of our time roadtripping through 1o countries in total (if austria is worth the count of course but it surely is) in nearly three months. starting off with the first country on our polo trip (van life is definitely overrated :)): italy. i’ll keep it short & simple & tell you that i was the best ever idea to start a trip with this warm sunny charming & not too exotic place as it was perfect to dive a little into the roadtrip thing which we have never properly done before .. we got more used to the life on the road day by day. we could see more we could listen more we could feel more with every mile we dived deeper into the southern summer & we got more & more excited about what was going to await us on our crazy little trip through south eastern europe & the western balkans all together with ourselves & an old little polo who eventually brought us home again in one piece which we still are very grateful for (we love you polo) !! here are the hot sopts we encountered on our way through bella italia: padua • bologna (oh we loved this artsy place even though it was raining the whole time we were there haha no really it’s such a beautiful city) • florenz (more art more stunning buildings & the first real italian pizza) • san gimignano • montepulciano • orvieto • bracciano (cute little town at the lago di bracciano) • rome (do i even need to add something ?! completely overwhelmed by this city .. need to go back) • terracina • neapel • pompei (the ruines were quite impressive) • amalfi coast (a little too overcrowded for my taste but really beautiful) • salerno • campagna • bari (yeah we made it to the eastern coast of italy) • polignano a mare & last but not least monopoli (didn’t play monopoli there unfortunately but instead had the most amazing fresh seafood plattern) from where we took the ferry to igoumenitsa in greece where our journey continued !!