2 weeks in greece • the roadtrip continues

i will never forget the magic moment when we could finally see the greek mainland from our ferry boat: the sun was just beginning to rise & there was a rose shimmer covering the small waves all around us. the landscape looked so similar yet so different from what we had seen during our time in italy. it seemed wilder for some reason & it really felt like we were about to explore a strange new country .. which it was of course but at that time i couldn’t imagine falling in love with this place so quickly. so when we left the ferry & drove along the coastal road along the clear blue water at about 6am there was nothing i was expecting nothing i could imagine nothing to be certain of & that in case felt extremely good. we were free to do anything we wanted & open to experience everything that was gonna come our way: we were all us. during our time in greece i absolutely fell in love with these wonderful little bays with crystal clear water white stone beaches & an endless view into the wide blue sea. we also came across lots of sailing harbours which of course made me desperately keen on going for a sailing trip .. well low budget isn’t that easy doing when it comes to that i guess. however, in the end we got lucky, but let me give you our fav spots first: we started in igouemnitsa from where we went on to perdika • kastrosikia (camping nissos there was really nice) • lefkada (the gate to a stunning little peninsula) • patras (quite a cool city tbh) • pyrgos • kalamata (olives & olive oil is a must buy there of course) • sparta (we just had to go haha) • tripoli • korinth • athen (omg i love this city: especially the student district called exarchia is amazing & all the ruins of course lol) • piraeus • sounion • volos (we had to drive for quite a while in order to get away from the wildfires which were very dangerous in greece at that time) • kala nera • thessaloniki • kallithea (very nice peninsulas there & beautiful beaches) • vouvourou (where we finally managed to find a hooby katamaran which we could rent & sail around in the lagoon & it was fantastic & the guy there was super nice & oh i wanna go back there right now haha) • kavala & then we almost arrived at the border to turkey & the gate to an unknown culture for us until then.