26.o3.2o18 • eco social design

currently i’m applying for university, my plan is to study art & design by going trilingual somewhere abroad. that’s why i have to create a video in which i introduce myself, talk about my fascination for design & show what i am able to create and think of on my own. the main task is to grapple with an two or three dimensional object based only on your choice. when thinking about which object i should take i came to several matching points: it should reflect me and my way of living, it should show my passion & my ambition to work for something i really like and it should be a convertible object which you can interprate in a lot of different ways. that’s why i came to the conclusion i have to build something the eco social way. because of my love to nature & earth & my will to change something. eco social means turning something old and discarded into a new, useful object .. so you can reuse something instead of buying new things. so on the one hand you can save money but on the other hand you can do it by yourself, create it the way you like & in the style you prefer & certainly you help our environment by not supporting our consum society anymore. so far so good .. but there was still missing this extra super special idea of which object to take. and here it comes: because of my great passion for snowboarding and my collection of old boards that i can’t use anymore i wanted to make something out of them. i really loove my sweet little boardies .. that’s why i always wanted to keep them .. but now they’ll sniff fresh air from outside .. yeahh !! so now you’ll think: „what do you want to do with some old snowboards ?“ here is the answer: i summed up a few ideas and finally decided to realize four of them: 1. a shelf – easy to build, looks cute & is very useful. 2. a lamp – looks so fancy, it was quite hard to find a good solution for a mounting but also to maintain the good look & i like to have a lot of lights in my room. 3. a holding for wine bottles – i love wine, i love snowboards .. perfect mix. 4. a bench – i’ve seen it at the fancy Blue Tomato (one of my fav brands) shop in Graz & always wanted to build it on my own !! so i invested a lot of evenings in making plans on how these ideas could be realized & then there was the time to start working & get this sh*t done. so here are the results of my hard work :)) what do you think ?