16.o9.2o19 • Copenhagen

god dag & velkommen to denmark !! scandinavia stood on top of my travel list for ages so i am more than happy now to finally be here :)) together with a good old friend of mine i started my journey to `Copenhagen´ by train in `Munich´. from there we travelled almost the whole day long past `Hamburg´ & `Fredericia´ until we eventually made it to the capital of denmark !! our accomodation for the 5 days we were going to spend in `Copenhagen´ was the `Generator Hostel´ where i already stayed in in `Venice´. they are a pretty fancy hostel chain located in over 1o cities around the world .. definitely worth checking out !! but let’s talk about `Copenhagen´ itself & what this charming city has to offer: first of all a lot of cowzy coffee places such as `42° Raw´ `Paludan Bog & Café´ & `La Glace´ where you get the worlds best hot chocolate & some typical danish sweet stuff like `Kringle´ `Wienerbrød´ & `Kanelstang´. furthermore you should try the `Flødeboller´ from `Lagkagehuset´ .. it’s a chocolate marshmallow in an even unhealthier & bigger version than it already is .. sounds good doesn’t it ?! but of course `Copenhagen´ is not only about food :)) it’s also a very good place to go shopping !! especially when it comes to clothes & design stores `Copenhagen´ is one treasure chest :)) this is why you should be careful when walking down `Strøget´ one of the most popular shopping strees .. it might take you a few hours !! my personal recommendation: take a break at the street stall `DØP´ to try an organic `Polser´ alias a danish hot dog. it’s interesting how i always get back to food isn’t it ?! however what impressed me the most in this city definitely was its art & architecture. the place to go if you are interested in stuff like that: `Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket´ (free entry on tuesday) probably the most impressive art exhibition i’ve ever been to !! not only the building itself with an extraordinary inner courtyard filled with exotic plants caught my attention from on the first moment. also the walls the ceilings & even the floors were made of colorful mosaics !! i literally didn’t know where to look at first :)) last but not least the art works itself made my day: sculptures of `Rodin´ next to paintings of `Van Gogh´ & `Monet´ !! for some more art check out the `Thorvaldsens Museum´ & the `Nikolaj Kunsthal´ (both: free entry on wednesday) talking about art & architecture there are so many beautiful places in & around `Copenhagen´ !! let me name a few of my favourite ones: `Nyhavn´ is a cute little harbour area with lots of boats cafés & colorful houses. my tipp: go there in the morning to avoid all the tourists !! if you like parks you should go to `Rosenborg Have´ where you can also find the beautiful `Rosenborg Slot´ located next to the `Botanic Gardens´ .. a really nice green area to take a walk or to have a picnic. insider tipp: get yourself some street food from the `Torvehallerne´ food market just around the corner .. there you can also find a good spot to try the low budget version of the typical danish `Smørrebrød´. but if you would like to taste the best `Smørrebrød´ in town you should visit `Aamanns 1921´ in the city center .. it is truly delicious !! another pretty fancy place to see in `Copenhagen´ is the district of `Christiania´ alias the place to buy joints & all the other good stuff :)) the so called `Freistadt Christiania´ was founded by some hippies in 1971 & still is an official alternative & autonomic housing estate. definitely worth a visit also because of all the grafitti art but better not bring your camera .. it’s stricty prohibited to take photos there !! in our 5 day stay in `Copenhagen´ we also went on two excursions to explore the surroundings: 1. by bus all over the famous `Öresund Bridge´ to `Malmö´ a little seaport city in sweden. 2. by train to `Humlebaek´ to visit the `Louisiana Museum of Modern Art´. a magical place at the coast of denmark & a must visit when in `Copenhagen´. simply to enjoy sea sun & art !!