5 days in bulgaria • back to the roots

crossing the border from turkey to bulgaria was a very special experience i would say. instead of getting through the controls in an hour maximum we would wait more than 1o hours until our polo finally hit bulgarian territory lol. it was the hell of a chaos as there were so many cars that were waiting to get through the border & so little police to control all the documents. wow this is gonna be the longest i will have ever had to wait at a border control !! however it was quite a funny experience & eventually we made it to bulgaria. at first we didn’t really know what to expect from this country but it turned out to teach us some pretty important lessons & to give us insight into a very different way of life. we spent some time in the mountains with an older man who owned a small house & bit of land up there & who would almost everything on his own. he held two dogs & a few chickens grew vegetables in a little garden area & even distilled his own schnaps !! everyday he would prepare himself a simple but all homemade meal & if travellers happen to come by he would share everything he got. furthermore he built beautiful wooden tent houses up there to host guests all on his own & wow they looked so professional from the outside & so cozy from the inside !! we loved staying there spending time with this funny old man playing around with the dogs & soaking up the time in the mountains far away from the big city life. i guess it was the perfect time for us to slow down & get a little back to the roots. the man barely spoke english but still we managed to have a wonderful time together & we could tell he loved to show us everything he had made on his own & to have some company !! in the end when we were all set to leave again he gave us selfmade apricot jam & whool socks for our way & we wrote down some words in a little book he kept for him to remember the people who were visiting him in his home. we left with so many new impressions & so filled up with joy & simply a big load of love for life !!