o4.11.2o18 • best spots for surfing

i started surfing about one year ago. since then i always tried to find good spots for surfing to improve my skills & to keep practicing !! at the moment i am taking surfing lessons in Portugal & i just thought about sharing the best spots for surfing i`ve been to with you .. so here we go:
1. Máncora • Peru: this is the place where i first tried surfing !! the peruvian coast in the north west of south america is known for its good waves & beautiful beaches. you can find surf lesson offers or surf equipment rentals almost everywhere !! as we went surfing there in october we had to wear long wetsuits in order not to get too cold. anyway you should wear suits there at any time because of all the nasty jellyfish !! i once got bitten by one of them & i felt really uncomfortable .. so watch out. the small city `Máncora´ is a good place to stay for some surfing adventure .. you can find a lot of fancy hostels & restaurants there & you will always find someone to go surfing with. all in one Peru is a very popular spot with surfers from all over the world !!
2. Taghazout • Morocco: when visiting Morocco a stopover at the west coast is actually a MUST do. a lot of people fly directly to `Agadir´ to avoid the long way from `Marrakech´ to `Taghazout´. anyway i would recommend staying some nights in the amazing city of `Marrakech´ too. there are so many things to do & see !! we booked a one week surfcamp at `Berbere Surfcamp´ in `Taghazout´ .. a really small town right at the coast of Morocco. we really enjoyed our stay there & got to know a lot of different beaches at the coast line. furthermore our surf coaches were pretty cool & professional & we improved a lot in surfing !! i would definetely recommend the `Berbere Surfcamp´ .. it was a cute & calm place to stay & a good base to get to the best surf spots around there !!
3. Bali • Indonesia: i guess everyone of you knows this spot :)) `Bali´ is called the surfers paradise on earth & this is what it really is. amazing beaches, big waves & sun all day long !! for beginners & intermediates the waves are actually too high & too hard to catch. of course i had to try it anyway .. but it was definitely not the best run ever !! i guess the conditions there are perfect for profi surfers & maybe i`ll come back some day with more surfing skills & then i`ll rock it .. haha !! nevertheless `Bali´ is an amazing island & a perfect spot to be discovered by scooter. there are so many beautiful beaches & watefalls out there .. i really loved it !!
4. Arrifana 
• Portugal: this is where i am right now !! i am doing a one week surfcamp here with `Arrifana Surf Camp & School´ which is actually the best & most professional company around here. the instructors as well as the accomodation are top nodge !! i surfed 3 days till now & the waves were just perfect every day .. not too high & not too low :)) it is low season right now which means low prices but also cold water & cloudy weather. but let me tell you .. long wetsuits hot tea & a lot of motivation is going to fix this !! anyway i would always recommend joining surfcamps in low season otherwise the beaches might be overcrowded & you won`t achieve any progress. a group of 4 to 5 pupils is perfect to improve !!