12.12.2o18 • Brisbane

g’day mate how are you going ?! yes i finally made it to down under !! after more than 2o hours flight i arrived at the airport of `Brisbane´ where i got picked up by my lovely aussie relatives. even if i felt very tired i’ve been super excited when we drove through all the illuminated & christmassy decorated streets .. it literally felt like coming home after a long journey. but this should only be the beginning of it !! so even if i didn’t get a lot of sleep in the first night because of the jetlag i couldn’t wait to explore the city of `Brisbane´. the first place we visited was the `South Bank´ or better the place to be in `Brisbane´ !! sandy beaches next to public swimming pools with an amazing view all over the skyline of `Brisbane´ located right next to the river. a great place to spend a sunny afternoon !! we walked further along the beautiful promenade & over the `Victoria Bridge´ which directly leads into the city center of `Brisbane´. wow .. i really love the big city life !! we strolled around, watched people doing christmas shopping & tried not to get sunburned. sounds weird right ?! but the change of the seasons is not the only thing which sets Australia apart from Europe: the whole lifestyle seems to be much easier & more relaxed compared to the one in Germany. people enjoy laugh & even say `thank you´ to the busdriver every single time they get off !! all in one: it exactly feels like the other end of the world :)) but let me tell you about my aussie highlight so far: right on the next day we visited the `Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary´ just about 3o min away from the city. this park gives shelter to a lot of different & typical australian animals & offers the possibility to learn more about wildlife in down under. we fed kangaroos spotted koalas in eucalyptus trees watched owls & parrots & i really didn’t want to leave this beautiful place !! so after exploring the flora of Australia i also had to get to know its fauna, of course. the perfect place for this intention: `Mount Coot Tha´ .. a huge natural reserve near `Brisbane´ city. you can find a lot of hiking trails out there but also a very nice look out on top of the mountain & a botanical garden !! i really recommend going there when you are visiting `Brisbane´ .. i learned so much about plants i’ve never seen before & even met a python on my way through the japanese garden :)) anyway there is another great place for calming down right in the city center: the `City Botanic Garden´ .. not that big than the other one but way more comfi !! deckchairs fancy cafés & a fresh breeze from the river all around .. i love this place !! by the way there are a lot of markets in & around the city each saturday .. don’t miss it !! time passed so fast & then it was already sunday or better funday ?! because this is what we had .. a lot of fun !! we went to `Stradbroke Island´ by ferry & further to `Point Look Out´ by bus. you can do some great walks there right beside the deep blue sea !! we saw some wild kangaroos dolphins & turtles & in october you can even spot whales out there, too !! just as it started to rain we took a lunch break at `The Blue Room´ .. a beautiful café which offers amazing food & the best chai latte. full of new energy we started our next walk down to the beach !! oh i could have stayed there forever .. watching the waves & getting super sunburned (always put sunscreen on .. even if it is cloudy .. trust me !!) at this point i want to say thank you to my lovely relatives once again .. it was not only an amazing day but a great week together with you .. thank you so much for everything. but my stunning time in `Brisbane´ was not over yet. as i really love visiting museums in all the countries i am travelling to i had to go to the famous `Gallery of Modern Art´ which was another great experience !! wow .. one week in Australia & can’t wait to see more of this beautiful country. i just feel so grateful for every single day i have the chance to explore our beautiful world.

some impressions from the `Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary´ .. look at these cuties !!

23.12.2o18 • Fraser Coast

work & travel .. i always wanted to do this & now i finally did it !! my first work away place: a Lime Farm in `Maryborough´ near Fraser Coast in Queensland. from `Brisbane´ i took a bus & after about 6 hours i arrived in the small town `Maryborough´ where my hosts Kim & Dave picked me up. as i have never done work away before i didn’t know what to expect .. but i think i found the perfect place for my first work away experience :)) i had my own little apartment in a shed right beside their house & in the middle of a huge lime orchard. furthermore they had two lovely dogs, three horses, some cows & a cute little cat named Max. i stayed with Kim & Dave for 1o days & i enjoyed every second of my stay !! but let me tell you about my first work & travel experience in more detail: on my first day we visited the weekly market in town & i got to know why `Maryborough´ is quite famous: the author of `Mary Poppins´ was born here !! fun fact: even the traffic lights in `Maryborough´ are shaped like an old lady to remind of `Mary Poppins´. in the afternoon we picked limes in the orchard, fed the animals & baked sourdough bread for the next day. there was always something to do & i never felt bored or useless. according to the official work away website you should work 4 to 5 hours a day with two days off preferable on the weekends. anyway this is not how it usually works. you get part of a family .. you eat together you laugh together you just enjoy spending time together !! i didn’t count the hours i was working .. i just helped with everything because it was fun. i learned something new every single day & i enjoyed it to support Kim & Dave with their farm work. we also started to prepare the farm for christmas decorated the christmas tree & baked a lot of christmas cookies which was quite fun & it actually felt a bit like home :)) on my last day at the Fraser Coast i visited the famous `Fraser Island´ .. actually a Must Do there !!  as the island consists of nothing else but sand it is not allowed to go there on your own without a special permission. so i booked a whole day trip with `Fraser Experience´ in advance to get to see most of this beautiful island & it was definitely worth it !! we drove along these super bumpy & sandy paths watched wild dingos (australian dogs) & took a dip in `Eli Creek´ .. a beautiful beach on Fraser. then we raced along the `75 mile beach´ visited the famous wreck of `Fraser Island´ & got to see coloured sand dunes !! last but not least we had lunch at the beautiful `Lake Mc Kenzie´ .. a freshwater lake in the middle of `Fraser Island´ surrounded by white sand & palm trees. i could have stayed there forever .. such a great place to be !! well this was my first work away experience & i never thought i would like it that much. thank you Kim & Dave for making my first time working in Australia so great !! i think work & travel is such a good idea & a great opportunity for backpacker to get to know the aussie lifestyle. i can highly recommend doing it to everyone who loves travelling & meeting new people .. not only because it is much cheaper to travel around like that but also because it is a unique experience you will never ever forget !!

o2.o1.2o19 • Sunshine Coast

one month in australia & i can’t believe how fast time goes by !! i spent the past two weeks at `Blackwattle Farm´ in a small town called `Beerwah´ right on the beautiful `Sunshine Coast´ in `Queensland´ .. haha too many names i know :)) two weeks full of new experiences a lot of fun & endless barbecue parties just flew by & i can’t handle all these impressions i got so far !! but i’ll try to tell you everything about my second workaway stay in australia as structured as possible: three dogs one german workawayer & a stunning view all over the `Glass House Mountains´ welcomed me when i arrived at `Blackwattle Farm´ on the 21st of december. then i moved into my new home .. a cowzy little caravan surrounded by palm trees & equipped with a fancy outdoor shower !! Silvie (the german workawayer) showed me around the farm & i got to meet all the chooks (chicken in aussie slang) pigs dexter cows goats plus one sheep & one alpaca called Lulu .. not a huge farm but just the perfect size !! furthermore the farm runs two bed & breakfast cabins a big self sufficient vegetable garden & a small honey & jam factory .. a lot to do out here :)) in the afternoon i finally got to know my new hosts Emma & Mark & their 2 year old son Jasper & we had a great dinner all together !! i really like the super open minded mentality of all the workaway hosts out here .. you get involved into a totally new life & become part of a family you don’t even really know & there is nothing wrong about that .. it just feels like another home away from home :)) so what was my job on the farm ?! as there were a lot of different tasks to manage it was pretty good we were two helping hands on the farm. so most of the time Silvie looked after Jasper did the house cleaning & managed the household while my part was looking after all the animals & feeding them twice a day as well as welcoming the new bed & breakfast guests & showing them around. but even if there was a lot to do out here we still had enough free time to relax & to take advantage of the beautiful location right in the middle of the `Glass House Mountains´ & right next to some beautiful beaches at `Sunshine Coast´. oh & last but not least we got an own car for cruising around wherever we wanted to !! so of course we had to go for several roadtrips & this is what we did :)) we explored the beautiful `Gympie Region´ with lots of wildlife & nature park trails chilled at `King’s Beach´ on the `Sunshine Coast´ & hiked the amazing coastal paths of `Noosa National Park´. furthermore we visited the famous `Australia Zoo´ right around the corner & i finally got to hike some mountains with some other backpackers which was such a great but also super sweaty experience .. haha :)) it was just great to have the opportunity to drive along the dusty aussie roads & feeling nothing but pure freedom !! anyway this was just the beginning: we also celebrated an amazing aussie christmas together with the whole family & lots of good food. we drank homemade apple cider at the pool in the evening went to one of the most popular music festivals in whole australia & had an amazing new year’s eve party !! as i told you .. there was a lot going on here in just two weeks :)) so what was my very personal highlight ?! it definitely was the `Woodford Folk Festival´ !! i loved the idea of a folk festival for music fans of every age. there was something for everyone no matter if 1 or 100 years old !! markets, food stands, yoga workshops, huge chill out areas, light & fire shows & my fav place: all the fancy stages with great music & dancing people !! it was nothing but awesome .. that’s why i decided to go there one more time after my first day visiting the festival .. best decision ever :)) well this was pretty much all about my past two weeks & even if i had an amazing time out here i am already super excited to head further south towards the `Gold Coast´ today !!

happy me when thinking about all the great time i had in australia so far !!

14.o1.2o19 • Gold Coast

welcome to the sunny `Gold Coast´ .. one of the most beautiful parts of whole down under !! i found a really nice place to stay there via workaway again .. a young family with 4 children living in `Gilston´ in the northern hinterland of the `Gold Coast´. i stayed with them for one week & fell instantly in love with the family their homemade pancakes & especially with the `Gold Coast´ itself !! after thinking of the `Sunshine Coast´ as the place to be the `Gold Coast´ just blew my mind & i could literally never imagine a better place to live than out here. beside of looking after the children helping with some washing & garden work we explored some amazing places together !! as the kids still had school holidays we spent a lot of time on the outside .. swimming, sunbathing & maybe a little bit of sunburning :)) we visited `Surfers Paradise´ .. the main attraction of the `Gold Coast´ spent the afternoon on the main beach ate ice cream & tried not to get stung by one of the jellyfish (at the moment there are a lot around here .. just to bother all the kids while school holidays i guess .. haha). we also went to `The Spit´ .. the point where the canals which lead through whole `Surfers Paradise´ flow into the sea .. the best lookout to watch all the surfers with the amazing skyline of the `Gold Coast´ in the background !! we went to play golf all together watched a polo cross match & went to a fancy beach resort called `The Royal Pines´ to go swimming & drink slushy `Pina Coladas´ .. all in one: i had such a blast with this family !! even if i am not the best or experienced one with looking after children i really enjoyed spending time with them & in the end it was even hard to say goodbye to these adorable sweeties. anyway i didn’t even tell you about my personal highlight yet: one evening we went to `Burleigh Heads´ which is located a bit further south on the `Gold Coast´. we walked along the beach collected sea shells & had the best fish & chips ever !! by the way `Burleigh´ is such a nice district .. lot of fancy cafés shops & especially people :)) a lot of them are coming there just to spend the evening sitting on `Point Burleigh´ having picnic watching the sunset with an amazing view all over the skyline of `Surfers Paradise´ which literally looks like out of a phantasy story !! so this is what we did & i was just so amazed by the special atmosphere when the sun went slowly down behind the skyscrapers .. everything seemed so unreal. all the surfers were still out in the water everyone was having a drink chatting & enjoying the evening & i just thought: wow .. i am just living a little dream somewhere on the east coast of australia !! as one week at this amazing place was far NOT enough time i spent another 1o days a bit further down on the `Gold Coast´ in a beautiful hilly area called `Elanora´. once again my expectations were exceeded !! my new workaway place for helping with some gardening turned out to be another pure paradise .. a wonderful old house in the middle of a huge garden property surrounded by bamboo & deep forest with lots of wild living animals. in the evening we fed all the colorful birds, had dinner on the terrace & enjoyed the stunning view all over the coast line. woah .. the never ending story of the golden aussie lifestyle !! anyway there was a lot of work to be done out here. as the garden was pretty big & not fully planted yet me & the other workawayers had to deal with loads of gardening work !! most of the time we were about 4 to 5 helpers .. a new experience which i really enjoyed .. it is always funnier to work in a group, isn’t it ?! especially if the english guys you work with are teaching you how to bake the perfect scones :)) plus another new thing: i had to work 23 hours per week but could decide on my own when i wanted to start & stop working & had the chance to plan my free time which was pretty cool, too. most of the time all of us started working right after breakfast at 8 am .. mulching, planting, filling all the flowerbeds up with soil, fertilizing the plants etc. & trying not to get too sunburned :)) in the afternoon everyone decided on his own weather to work or go to the beach. i really enjoyed the location of my workaway place .. 1o min to the next beach & 2o min to the national park .. so of course i went to the beach or on a hike almost every day !! i explored the beautiful `Springbrook National Park´ saw loads of stunning waterfalls hiked the `Warrie Circuit´ & made it to `The Pinnacle´. together with the other workawayers i went to `Cooly´ or better `Coolangatta´ & enjoyed the day sunbathing swimming & surfing in `Rainbow Bay´. we also went to `Currumbin Beach´ visited the `Elephant Rock´ & watched the `Ocean 6´ competition. we hiked up to the two peaks of `Mount Cougal´ .. one of the most challenging hikes i did around here so far. we watched the most colorful sunsets, met some cute wallabies & well .. just had such a blast !! anyway my personal highlight was visiting `Byron Bay´: this beautiful place was a one hour drive away from here & is famous for all its fancy cafés shops & beaches but especially for the amazing national park !! we hiked along cliffs, explored lonely beaches, visited the famous `Cape Byron Lighthouse´ & got some amazing views all over the coastline of `New South Wales´. by the way my recommendation for having a coffee or a brunch in `Byron Bay´: the `Bayleaf Café´ .. soo good !! well .. that was pretty much all about my last few weeks .. hope you enjoyed my unstructured `short´ update about my journey through down under :)) at the moment i am planning my further travel route & searching for my next place to stay. anyway it will be so hard for me to say goodbye to the `Gold Coast´ but there is always more to see .. i will keep you posted !!

14.o2.2o19 • Sydney

happy valentines day !! wow .. another month just flew by & i can’t be more grateful for meeting all these amazing people who make my journey so special & unforgettable !! every day brings something new & so it is so hard for me to sum up my experiences of a whole month in just one little post but i’ll try & hope you enjoy it :)) after spending so much time at the `Gold Coast´ i finally moved on further south .. first stop: `Bellingen´ .. a small town next to `Coffs Harbour´ on about half way between the `Gold Coast´ & `Sydney´. i spent about one week there working in the charming `Bellingen YHA Belfry Guesthouse´. in my free afternoons i went to explore the lovely town with all its fancy coffee shops & clothes stores or went for a walk along the `Bellinger River´. there are loads of walking tracks around there & it’s lots of fun to tube down the river .. so if you are looking for a calm but great place to stay `Bellingen´ is the perfect place to go !! furthermore the `Dorrigo National Park´ is about 2o min away & a MUST SEE for nature lovers .. i did a few hikes in there & every single time i’ve been amazed by these huge trees & ferns. just don’t be surprised when looking up .. there will be hundreds of bats hanging around above your head but as they are night active the won’t bother you at all :)) after exploring this beautiful place i kept going further south & found another workaway place near `Forster´ which is located somewhere between `Port Maquarie´ & `Newcastle´ in the middle of the `Myall Lakes National Park´. as the name already says there are loads of lakes & also mountains around there .. perfect for some hiking !! but let me tell you about my work & travel place first: as i am always up to trying new things i ended up working at a wallabie farm .. a place to help injured or homeless wallabies. some of the kangaroos & wallabies got injured by bush fires or traffic accidents & needed some time to recover before living in the wilderness again. others were found in the pouch of their dead mother & got raised at the farm up by hand. there was always something to do & i just helped wherever i could: feeding the small wallabies, cleaning the barn, changing bandages etc. it was a completely new experience for me working with total wildlife but i learned such a lot in the time i spent there & i am really happy i got the chance to help !! wanna hear a funny story ?! i arrived on the farm on the 26th of January alias `Australia Day´ so we went to a pub all together had some drinks & celebrated `Australia Day´ with some other guys. but guess who was my company ?! a 5 months old little wallabie .. as it couldn’t stay at home alone i had to take it with me in a small bag the whole evening .. best party company ever .. haha :)) then i actually wanted to move on straight towards `Sydney´ but a friend of mine told me about an amazing place called `Nelson Bay´ which was right on my way down so i took some time off from work & travel & went on a lil roadtrip for a few days. i went hiking in the `Myall Lakes National Park´ visited the stunning `Seal Rocks´ saw some dolphins & walked along the endless beaches of `Worimi Conservation Lands´ .. i could have spent weeks there .. such an amazing place with so many things to do & see !! furthermore `Nelson Bay´ was such a nice city with amazing beaches & walking tracks all around but most important: `Red Neds Gourmet Pie Bar´ .. they make the best pies ever !! actually that’s reason enough to visit `Nelson Bay´ .. just go there & try the `Macadamia & Cabbage Pie´ .. you don’t wanna leave anymore .. i swear :)) i really enjoyed these days without working .. having some time to go wherever i wanted without being concerned about when i have to be back !! but in the end i had to move on anyway .. `Sydney´ was waiting :)) i made one last stop in `Newcastle´ where i enjoyed my last roadtrip evening on the beach watching the sun setting behind the horizont & made some further travel plans. so the next day i finally arrived in `Sydney´ !! it was so hard for me not to freak out when entering the city through the `Harbour Bridge´ with an awesome view all over the harbour of `Sydney´ & the iconic `Opera House´ of course :)) but there was not much time left for sightseeing: i volunteered at the fancy `Laneway Festival´ that afternoon which means doing a few hours of wristbanding in exchange for the entry to the festival which is a great thing in my opinion !! i had such a fun time there working with other backpackers from all over the world plus the festival itself was pretty amazing :)) after having enough from drinks & music we went to `Bondi Beach´ to watch the sunset. i had a dip in the cold water of the ocean & just couldn’t believe i am right at freakin‘ beautiful `Bondi Beach´ in `Sydney´ .. what an amazing first day !! luckily i had the chance to stay at `Bondi Beach´ with a friend of mine .. thanks again Melina !! so the next days were full of visiting art museums walking through the `Botanical Gardens´ taking 1ooo pictures of the `Sydney Opera House´ & getting sunburned at `Bondi Beach´. furthermore i did a lot of walks along the coastline such as `Bondi to Coogee Walk´ or `Spit to Manly Walk´ which were both absolutely amazing !! stunning views & great hiking paths leading to secret beaches all over .. i loved it !! oh & another thing you should do when visiting `Sydney´: go to one of the open air cinemas .. it is such a great atmosphere watching a movie on the big screen together with some friends & popcorn when the sun goes down. my recommendation: `St. George Open Air Cinema´ which is located in the `Royal Botanical Gardens´ & offers an amazing view all over the `Sydney Opera House´ & `Harbour Bridge´ .. a unique experience !! by the way: if you are looking for a good place to stay in `Sydney´ check out the `Bondi Backpackers Hostel´. it is pretty popular & a perfect base to explore the city & you are pretty near to the `Vida Surf Shop Café´ as well !! they offer the best vegan waffles & you should also try the delicious `Protein Bowl´ .. my personal favourite :)) all in one: `Sydney´ is a great city & i would recommend spending at least one week there .. there is so much to explore !! just one reason why i decided to go back there after spending some days in the `Bluey’s´. cause this is where i am right now: the `Blue Mountains´ which are located in the hinterland 2 hours west of `Sydney´. hiking through the canyon & swimming in waterfall basins every day .. could be worse :)) i already visited the famous `Three Sisters´ which are located 5 min away from my hosts house & jumped from some cliffs right into the ice cold water of `Yosemite Creek´. feels pretty good to spend some time in nature after one week of city life but as i said .. see you again soon `Sydney´.

27.o2.2o19 • Canberra

after almost two weeks in the `Blue Mountains´ i finally got ready for the big city life again :)) i really enjoyed going camping in the `Blue Gum Forest´ hiking the famous `Perrys Track´ & hitchhiking back home because we had no signal no power & no water left. to everyone who is visiting `Sydney´ .. go to the `Bluey’s´ as well .. it’s so worth it !! (just try to escape to masses of japanese tourists & go there during week days .. saturday & sunday are going to be super busy !!) so i finally went back to `Sydney´ by train on the 22 nd of February to see my friend who is living at `Bondi Beach´ one more time. as i haven’t been to any clubs or parties or anything so far this was still on our bucket list for `Sydney´ & so we finally managed to do this !! there was a pub crawl event actually organised for au pairs: 10$ for 4 clubs plus 4 free drinks .. not bad :)) so just pretend to be an au pair & there you go !! we had an awesome night with fireworks lots of music & drinks & the ultimate `Sydney´ club experience :)) however all that was just preparation for the main act !! after a delicious hangover breakfast in our fav café we got ready for the big event .. the `Ultra Festival Sydney 2o19´. one evening 1ooo of dancing people some great music & us right in the middle :)) the festival took place in the `Parramatta Park´ a bit outside the city center .. a huge area equipped with food stands bars & 3 stages !! even if the weather changed between sun & rain all the time we had a great evening at `Ultra Festival Sydney 2o19´ .. i mean how could you NOT dance when listening to `Martin Garrix´ `Marshmello´ or `The Chainsmokers´ live ?! well .. that’s pretty all about my last evening in `Sydney´ .. couldn’t have been any better & made it even harder for me to say goodbye to this amazing city the next day !! after taking one last stroll through the streets of `Bondi´ & having coffee in the fancy `Gertrude & Alice Café´ (the perfect spot for book & coffee lovers .. just watch out .. you might end up spending all day there !!) i had to pack my things & head to `Sydney Central Station´. at 2 pm i finally left `Sydney´ & moved on further to the capital of Australia: `Canberra´. fun fact: as the australian government couldn’t manage to decide weather to make `Sydney´ or `Melbourne´ the capital of Australia they built a city in between these two cities which is `Canberra´ today :)) however `Canberra´ is still located little bit nearer to `Sydney´ than to `Melbourne´ which my city guide from `Sydney´ proudly presented as the fact that `Sydney´ is still `the best city of Australia´ .. haha !! however `Canberra´ is not that popular with the australian citizens as it is not located on the seaside & probably not that fancy & artsy as its two neighboring cities. no reason for me not to visit it anyways !! of course i wanted to get to know the capital of the country i travelled through for almost 3 months now .. furthermore `Canberra´ is still a very important political position & should not be underestimated :)) luckily i found a hostel there which offered 1 hour work per day in exchange for free accomodation & included breakfast .. `Dickson Central Hostel´ .. the meeting point for backpackers in `Canberra´. on my first day here i already visited two of the most amazing art museums so far: the `National Gallery of Australia´ & the fancy `National Portrait Gallery´ !! i walked through the beautiful `Rose Garden´ visited the `National Library of Australia´ & most important: got to see the impressive `Parliament House´ .. that building is actually reason enough to visit `Canberra´. however this is already my last day here before moving on to `Melbourne´ which is going to be my last stop on the australian mainland .. man time flies & i can’t believe i have already spent more or less 3 months here .. looking forward for some more months of travelling through oceania :)) just because .. `the journey is the destination´ • Dan Eldon !!

17.o3.2o19 • Melbourne

last but not least: `Melbourne´ .. my last stop on the australian mainland & i guess my fav place so far !! i arrived in the city center in the late afternoon & had to go straight on the next train to `Frankston´ which is about 1 hour south of `Melbourne´. but these few minutes when the golden evening sun was shining through the windows of impressive skyscrapers located next to fancy  modern museum buildings right next to an antique cathedral in the middle of a little busy chaos of street musicians honking trams & me somewhere in between .. i guessnthat was the moment when i fell in love with this city which i was going to explore for two full weeks !! but first let me tell you about my `home away from home´. i had the great possibility to stay with a lovely family in a suburb of `Melbourne´ & even though i planned to stay one week here i ended up spending two whole weeks with them because it was just the best workaway place ever !! we cooked some delicious food every day .. i learned a lot of new recipes & got pretty into the italian cuisine as my host was originally from italy :)) but good food was not the only thing i enjoyed during my stay .. we played together had fun talked a lot .. it just felt like being part of this little family for me. but it gets even fancier .. as my host is working for the `Facepainting Melbourne Company´ she took me with her to several festivals to `assist´ her .. which meant taking some good shots (pictures not drinks :)) plus i got free entry to some really good music & culture festivals such as `Melbourne Beer Fest´ in beautiful `St. Kilda´ (that’s the culture one btw :)) `Mordi Festival´ or `Brunswick Festival´ !! as an enthusiastic festival lover this was just heaven for me :)) however there is more to do in `Melbourne´ than just visiting one festival after the other !! even if i lived one hour away from the city there were very good bus & train connections so it was not a problem at all for me to go & explore the city & this is what i did: first of all i took part of the free walking tour .. as usual :)) i got to know a lot of history found the best coffee spot in `Melbourne´ walked down the famous `Hosier Lane´ with all its stunning street art work & ended up at the fancy `Moomba Festival´ right next to `Yarra River´ .. another festival i know !! furthermore i visited some of the most interesting art museums in australia such as the `National Gallery of Victoria´ & the `Ian Potter Centre´ which is located right next to the famous `Federation Square´ .. since 2oo2 kind of the landmark of `Melbourne´. there is such a lot to see in this city & even if you got enough of all the city noise there are places to chill out & relax such as the `Royal Botanic Gardens´ or the huge green area next to the river called `Birrarung Marr´. however there is more about `Melbourne´ than just the city center & its typical sightseeing locations .. it’s about the special atmosphere in & around the city .. something that casts a spell over you & never lets go again !! oh & just in case you are looking for some nice places to go off the beaten paths: `Brunswick´ & `Fitzroy´ are quite fancy areas with lots of bars shops & a general hipster flair .. same as `St. Kilda´ actually just without a beach to spend the evening & watching the sunset over `Melbourne´. as i spent quite a lot of time in `Frankston´ together with my host family i would also recommend going there .. it’s just a cute little neighborhood right next to some beautiful beaches :)) i guess `Melbourne´ just convinced me with its extra artsy blooming but moody atmosphere .. a place i could always come back again without ever getting tired of it !! anyway my two personal highlights are still to come: 1. `Download Festival Melbourne 2o19´ .. a festival of course how could it be any different haha ?! i had the chance to work there as a volunteer & therefore to visit it for free together with a friend of mine. `Rise Against´ `Sum 41´ & other amazing bands .. a day full of music good mood & heaps of fun .. what else ?! and 2. `The Great Ocean Road´ .. which is not quite `Melbourne´ itself but something you absolutely have to do when being around this area :)) i did it in one day .. short but intense haha .. even though i would recommend renting a car to go there if you have enough time. i heard a lot about this scenic roads & cliffs but i never expected this experience to be that amazing the view that stunning .. `The Great Ocean Road´ to be the highlight of my trip !! we passed by `Apollo Bay´ did a little rainforest walk & spotted some wild living koalas (my first time omg !!) but the best part was still the view all over the `12 Apostles´ which are actually only 8 :)) i don’t know .. these peaky stone towers are just too pretty too imposing .. just summed my whole australia experience up in one feeling: greatfulness for everthing i had the chance to experience on my journey so far !! today i visited `Brighton Beach´ together with a good friend of mine enjoyed another hot summer day in `Melbourne´ & just felt so lucky about my chance to be right where i am. so my two weeks here in `Melbourne´ are almost over now & i am not looking forward to leaving the australian mainland in a few days already .. but what would travelling be without leaving beautiful places behind & moving on towards new adventures ?! at some point it is time to say good bye & try something new: here i come tasmania .. see you soon :))

apropos street art .. this is how it looks like all around this beautiful city .. love you `Melbourne´ !!

1o.o4.2o19 • Hobart

welcome to tassie !! even though the island state `Tasmania´ is not an own country but a part of  `Australia´ it is just completely different to the australian mainland: from on the first moment tassie appeared to me as a very selfsufficient island proud of its independence towards the mainland & willing to show what it has to offer & that’s a lot: scenic roads along the rough coastline steep cliffs & white beaches next to imposing mountains with the most stunning views all over the tasmanian landscape .. an extraordinary mix of beauty & ferocity !! furthermore tassie got the most wonderful capital city down south right on the coast of the `Tasman Sea´. although `Hobart´ is quite small there is a lot to do & see in & around the city !! every saturday the `Salamanca´ market located in the same named beautiful old part next to the wharf of `Hobart´ attractes lots of locals as well as tourists & workawayers haha :)) from fresh fruits & veggies over fancy souvenirs & art exhibitions to free chocolate & gin tasting you can find almost everything out there !! especially the food & most important: the coffee there is delicious but if you prefer to sit down in the sun for enjoying a brunch there are loads of good café & restaurant options in `Hobart´ as well. my insider tipp: the `Machine Laundry Café´ in the corner of the main place of `Salamanca´ .. they offer fantastic eggs benedict avo toasts & whatever your heart desires !! however the main attraction of tassies capital is probably still the famous `MONA´ or better: the `Museum of Old and New Art´. even though it is located a bit outside the city center a lot of people are making their way to this special art gallery which is impressing from on first sight !! the building itself boasts with impressive architecture & an amazing location right next to & partly even on `Derwent River´. but it’s getting even better when entering the museum through an own wineyard a private tennis court & a beautifully arranged garden full of sculptures & art pieces: the main exhibition as well as the temporary galleries are extraordinary & absolutely stunning !! i do like art & museums in general but `MoNA´ just blew my mind. especially the `Zero´ exhibition with innovative modern & provocative projects casted a spell all over me .. definitely a MUST SEE when visiting `Hobart´. however there is a lot more tassies jewel has to offer !! outdoor enthusiasts should check out `Mount Wellington´ which is located right behind `Hobart´ & offers a stunning view all over the city. furthermore the beautiful `Botanic Gardens´ are worth a visit as well .. keep your eyes open for wallabies & kangaroos !! and even real gourmets will get their money’s worth: the bar scene is increasing quickly & more & more fancy restaurants & cafés are lining the streets of `Hobart´. from woodfired italian pizza to delicious seafood places you’ll find anything in here .. my favorite place: `Ti Ama´ .. best cocktails in town !! there is always something going on in `Hobart´ .. just check the program online. i have been so lucky to come to tassie right in time for the `1o Days on the Island Festival´ which took place in the famous `Spiegeltent´ in the city center !! one highlight was chasing the other & after spending 3 and a half weeks here it felt like home for me already. and after all i guess i can say that this was the most amazing time of my whole journey so far :)) not only because of the special place itself but mainly because of the beautiful & inspiring people i met: my hosts made me feel at home from on the first moment & i couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay during my time on this lovely island. they even organised several sailing trips from the `Kettering Marina´ which made it possible for me to take part on the last two regattas of the year !! an amzing experience especially for a sailing fanatic like me :)) but most of the time we spent together either working in their exotic garden or having tea breaks with some delicious homemade cake & forgetting to work at all while talking about life & stuff :)) as my hosts lived 3o minutes south from `Hobart´ in a small town called `Woodbridge´ i got to see quite a lot of the suburban surroundings as well .. wanna know more about all my adventures on tassie island ?! scroll down & read on :))

1. Bruny Island: together with a french workawayer from next door i started my first day trip to `Bruny Island´. luckily i could use the fancy red ute from my hosts so we had the possibility to explore the whole island by car !! so after taking the ferry from `Kettering Marina´ which takes around 30 min to get to `Bruny Island´ we started our roadtrip towards `Adventure Bay´. our first stop was the famous `Neck´ a pretty narrow section of land which connects the northern & southern part of the island. up from the lookout you get an amazing view all over the ocean & beautiful `Bruny Island´ !! there are not a lot of proper roads on the island as there are only a few people living out there .. so be careful when driving along the steep cliffs but don’t forget to enjoy the view. we discovered the most beautiful & lonely beaches here & i couldn’t imagine any better place for a little adventure roadtrip !! we had a little picnic on `Adventure Beach´ enjoyed the sun & the warm breeze & just felt so happy to be in tassie right now :)) even though you won’t find a lot on this little island except of a few houses one supermarket & some cheese & chocolate shops the nature out there is truly amazing & in most parts almost untouched. so if you are looking for a real tassie experience this is your place to go .. just make sure you get the last ferry back at 7 pm .. you won’t find a hotel there !!
2. The Tasman Peninsula: a MUST DO when visiting tassie is definitely a cruise along the steep cliffs of the `Tasman Peninsula´. `Pennicott Wilderness Journeys´ offers daily cruises leaving from `Port Arthur´ & takes you on an unforgettable trip !! during around 3 hours of cruising through the ocean you will see some stunning rock formations like `Devil’s Kitchen´ or the famous `Tasman Arch´. furthermore you can spot some seals or even dolphins on your way but don’t forget to bring warm clothes .. it’s going to be freezing !! however you will definitely enjoy this journey through the beautiful wilderness of `Tasmania´.
3. Wineglass Bay: the `Freycinet National Park´ in the east of `Tasmania´ has a lot to offer .. but one of its biggest highlights is probably the `Wineglass Bay´. there are several options: you can visit the lookout which is an 1 hour walk return .. you could go straight to the beach which takes you around 1 hour to get there or you dare to hike all the way up to the peak of `Mount Amos´ & enjoy a stunning 36o °C view all over `Wineglass Bay´ & the whole national park. of course we had to take the third option :)) even though it was very hot that day & the hiking trail was mostly in the sun sweating was definitely worth it !! the view from up there is just amazing. the hike takes about 3 hours return & is quite difficult in some sections where climbing skills are needed !! just be careful when going back down .. some parts are really steep & slippery. my personal tipp for an after hike treat: there is a little ice cream shop located right on the entrance to the national park .. try the homemade peanut butter ice cream in chocolate coat .. pure heaven i swear !!
4. Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary: my hosts took me there on my last day in `Tasmania´ just because: `you can’t leave tassie without having seen the symbol of this country´ or better: the `Tasmanian Devil´. the `Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary´ takes care of injured animals from all over the island & makes it possible for visitors to get to see some of the most incredible animals on our planet !! it was one of my greatest experiences ever to watch `Wombats´ playing `Echidnas´ searching for ants & a baby `Tasmanian Devil´ trying to climb a tree. we even had the chance to feed & pet kangaroos !! after almost 4 months in down under where wallabies & kangaroos are all around i am still not used to them. these animals are just astounding & could watch them jumping around for hours & hours !! all in one this was a perfect last day in tassie to me .. especially after having lunch in the `Machine Laundry Café´ in `Hobart´ afterwards & spotting the biggest double rainbow i’ve ever seen on our way home :)) oh tassie .. i pretty much fell in love with you !!

some impressions of the extraordinary `MONA´ the `Museum of Old and New Art´ in `Hobart´ !!