5 days in albania • what a crazy country

all different all new all unexpected that’s what albania was all about. it was a whole new feeling entering this country as if totally changed everything we knew from north mazedonia. in my opinion there is quite a huge difference between these two countries. albania semmed much more abandoned more chaotic more off the grid. however, albania quite surprised us with its beautiful parts as well. we first drove south all over the impressive `llogara pass´ & discovered some beautiful beaches down there with water of the deepest blue i had ever seen. we camped at the `livadhi beach´ went swimming spent time reading on the beach & eventually watched the sun go down behind the horizon. the next day we drove north again checked out another vineyard & had lunch in a bunker at the beach lol. no really there are so many bunkers left in albania !! they seem to be everywhere & it is kind of creepy i have to admit but it is also an experience & again quite eye opening as in western europe you would barely see any bunkers standing around. we passed the capital of albania called `tirana´ & found a super cute camp site run by a family near the city but also in the middle of a huge garden & near the mountains called `camping dajti´. we set up our tent there surrounded by olive trees & other travellers on their way & felt exteremely lucky with being able to stay at such a calm & safe place right next to the chaotic city of `tirana´. an old lady who could barely speak english showed us around introduced us to the chicken & gave us eggplants tomatoes & cucumbers from her small self supply garden & was so sweet & happy about us being so thankful of the gifts she gave us. it was a very special familiar atmosphere up there which we really enjoyed & which was also why we stayed there for two more days. in our time there we went hiking to `mount dajti´ met a wild little turtle on the way & cooked dinner on our little gas cooker with all the good stuff the lady from the camp gave us. we also dared to drive into the city of `tirana´ one more time to visit the `bunk art museum´ which is a project that uses abandoned bunkers as museums in order to explain albanian history & the role bunkers played at that time: it was very interesting & i found it very progressive from albania to set up such important & informative installation !! last stop on our way through albania was `lake shkodra´ where we camped at the lake side again & from where we could already see the other side of the lake belonging to montenegro where we would be cruising around soon !!